Bob Luck of Whitebeard Arts

Bob Luck is the artist behind Whitebeard Arts. Honing his skills over a lifetime, he explains about his passion for art and how a love and talent became a business. Like what you see? Then contact Bob via our contact page.

It’s All About Art

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, it has always been a driving force throughout my life. As a subject it has been written about in many ways from the objective to the subjective and even the abject dislike, but in truth, does it not affect us all as individuals, in a unique personal way. Our response or reaction to the various forms can surprise, revile, attract or even create total disinterest. But whether you are a pauper or a prince it will find a way to you, head and heart.

Drawing and painting has always found a good place in me. It is a focus that few other pursuits have given me and has always rewarded me with more energy than it has taken. The subjects are very varied, as are the influences that drive my art. It can be self-driven inspired work or maybe a detail I have seen in my travels of some exquisite form.

Today, we are bombarded with an ever increasing format for art – TV, CGI, internet and the mobile phone – it may be that you do not consider these media formats as ‘art’ in the traditional sense, but they are driven by art at the point of origination. When you boot up your computer laptop or ipad or any other electronic device, you are confronted by art, and each window you open subsequently will present you with more artistic forms.

I was born into an age where such devices were the stuff of science fiction. Books, comics and newspapers provided my introduction to the world of art. My parents were artistic in their own form, my Mother was very musical and played the piano beautifully and my Father was no stranger to sketching, design and planning. My love of the artistic was also influenced by their love of architecture and landscape, on our many excursions to town or country they would be quick to point out unique buildings and stunning views, this gave me a rounded perspective on balance and horizon. This coupled with my Father’s added scientific understanding of mechanics and building processes, expanded my own visual appreciation.

My other major influences include Dan Dare (drawn by Frank Hampson) and the Eagle Comic; My art teacher at Loughton Secondary School, who introduced me to drawing in perspective and painting with watercolours;and of course the many art galleries, museums and architecture visited when bunking of college and cycling around London … all inspirational.