I have started writing this at the tender age of 68, to capture and share my early influences in art and music.

My very earliest memories are about a  park in Southsea, I remember the paths and flowers and great trees that of course towered above me at the age of 3. The rest of those early days were influenced by stories from Mum Dad and my Sister, of which there were so many as those days after the war must have been difficult at best and with Dad still in the RAF at Gosport to which he would cycle from Southsea every day rain or shine. Mum coping with the day to day chores and taking care of myself and my Sister in the Flat at 3 Waverley Grove, Southsea.

My Dad was a wiz at making and mending and creating technology. He was a dab hand at making and repairing radio’s that were very much the top end of current technology of the day. He was very much in demand by friends and neighbours alike. This ability would, I’m sure have a lasting effect on all our lives at home as the radio would be a life line for current information for Mum and Dad and entertainment, music, comedy and drama which would leave a lasting memory and influence on all our lives.

We moved to Bushey in Hertfordshire, to an estate of new houses. We lived at number 34, Dad was employed by Odhams Press at nearby Watford. This was a short motorcycle ride from home, the motorcycle was our new mode of transport in the day and had a great sidecar which was amazing for my Sister and myself.  It also had great memories for us and adventurous holiday trips to places as far away as Devon, this was in the days before motorways and sat nav!, compulsory crash helmets. The only protection from wind and weather were goggles and heavy rain coats for the rider and pillion passenger. Somehow we managed to pack all the clothes and holiday ephemera into the side car with myself and Sister.

Art and Music in my life…….

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