Watercolour Paintings

Watercolour paintings are a real joy for Bob at Whitebeard Arts. His watercolour paintings are influenced by travels, landscapes, or day to day observations. Bob also finds inspiration in the playful fantasy of knights and dragons, talking animals, and cartoon characters, born out of paper to tell a story for the books he illustrates.


Book Illustrations

Whitebeard Arts have experience in designing book illustrations for children’s books, poetry books, and general fiction.


Cartoon Characters

Bob has great fun designing and illustrating cartoon characters. If you have a particular cartoon character you would like to bring to life, then please contact Bob at Whitebeard Arts.


Nature and Flowers

Highly detailed watercolours taken from the natural world,in particular flowers, are another passion of Bob from Whitebeard Arts.


Get in touch to discuss your watercolour painting artwork commission.